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VensureHR offers a multitude of solutions designed to meet the various needs of your growing business. From a small business owner to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, we connect tailored PEO services and solutions with your organization, regardless of size.

Vensure Employer Services provides PEO solutions and human resource outsourcing to small and mid-market businesses across the country. Through its subsidiaries, including VensureHR, the company processes more than $4.7 billion in payroll and supporting more than 250,000 worksite employees.

Companies are oftentimes burdened with the time and costs associated with HR software that assists HR management. VensureHR understands that a flexible plan and strategic approach to your HR software is necessary to avoid wasted time, costs, and business inefficiencies.

Vfficient is our cloud-based, client-centered human resource management solution designed to manage payroll, human resources, and benefits administration from a single robust HR platform. Empower your employees to take charge of their HR needs with modern, integrated, and intuitive HR technology!



Vensure’s Marketplace offers a collection of exclusive employee and employer benefits to satisfy all of your HR needs. We’ve done the legwork in order to bring employees a range of intimidation-free options. A complimentary preference for any diverse and modern workforce. With Vensure, you can build a customized HCM ecosystem with products ranging from discount car rentals to pet insurance for your employees.

With services including payroll, medical and voluntary benefits, workers’ compensation, risk management and HR administration, Vensure companies support a broad spectrum of industries, allowing small business owners to cost-effectively manage HR functions and turn their attention to growth and profitability initiatives.


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