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Manage your Business, not your Busy-Ness

A PEO is a Professional employer organization, and it’s geared to help employers by becoming their human resource department off-site. This helps you control expenses on predictable transactional items, to help reduce risk and liability, make sure they’re complying with all the labor laws in the most important thing is they’re not spending time on all the administrative minutia of being an employer.

Employment related diversions chew up profits. Consider all the time and profit a company wastes by processing payroll, managing employee relations, managing benefit plans, safety, and workers’ compensation. Surety HR was created to remove the obstacles in the way of employer profits.

Looking for help in some employment related areas but not interested in entering a PEO relationship? Ask us about our Administrative Services Only (ASO). Surety HR can cater a plan for your company off our menu of services. Some employers may only be interested in outsourcing their human resources and payroll while retaining their workers’ compensation liability while others might just want assistance with benefits planning. Surety HR will build a solution around your business needs.

Human Resources
Workers’ Compensation
COBRA Administration
Compliance with State and Federal Laws and Regulations

Why Surety HR?


The team of professionals at Surety HR are experts in providing consulting services to Ohio employers. Surety HR understands the ever changing complexities of managing human resources, workers’ compensation, safety, unemployment, and everything else an employer needs to stay compliant with State and Federal laws.


Companies rely on Surety HR’s advice because it’s empowering to work with an expert. Surety HR clients receive the benefits of having the best full time human resource and benefits staff money can buy without having to hire a single employee.


Surety HR provides you with the help and answers you need when you need it most. A dedicated expert is provided to every client who knows the specific human resource needs of your business.

Manage your business, not your busy-ness, with Surety HR.

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