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ShiftPixy is an innovative Human Capital Management platform, delivering next-gen mobile engagement to assist businesses who have shift-based employees. Taking employment in the Gig Economy to a new level, ShiftPixy handles over 50 essential and regulated aspects of job provider’s human capital management demands. Taking away a heavy workload from employers and connecting them with qualified and brand-appropriate shifters.

If you own or manage a Multi-Location Restaurant Chain or Franchise Operation our technology is designed to minimize some of your major headaches. In a snapshot, here are the area’s that ShiftPixy can address to help your restaurant succeed; Recruiting, Retention, Turnover, Scheduling, Filling Shifts, Timekeeping, Payroll, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Compliance & more. Our proprietary technology can allow you to develop a self-delivery program, from driver background & insurance qualifications to mapping delivery routes and monitoring deliveries. Our program also can provide your company with the non-owned auto coverage you need to protect your business.

ShiftPixy is a disruptive human capital management (HCM) services provider that has revolutionized the Gig Economy concept by delivering a next-gen platform for workforce management that helps shift-based employers navigate regulatory mandates, alleviates administrative burdens and connects them with qualified shift workers.
Unlike a traditional staffing agency or third party employer of record (EOR), ShiftPixy brings together staffing administrative services, payroll, insurance services, and human resources management (HRM) as well as a Software as a Service (SaaS) based workforce management application together in a single ecosystem.

Scrutiny continues to grow over whether Gig Economy companies are acting fairly when it comes to providing worker benefits. ShiftPixy adds a needed layer to address
compliance with the ACA and other regulations and addresses demands for equitable employment practices. Local municipalities, and state governments have questioned the fairness of the Gig Economy, asserting that companies that utilize a contingent workforce are able to skirt around providing benefits by building their workforce from independent contracts. Senator Elizabeth Warren purports that making employee benefits portable is one key way to provide benefits for workers. Because ShiftPixy serves as the employer to its workforce, they are employees – not contractors – and are eligible for health coverage, unemployment and other benefits.

ShiftPixy brings forth a human capital management (HCM) ecosystem that includes staffing administrative services, payroll, insurance services, human resources
management and Software as a Service (SaaS) based workforce management application that manages more than 50 aspects of the job provider’s HCM.ShiftPixy relieves administrative burdens for business operators by providing a single solution to fill staffing gaps immediately while equitably and efficiently navigating costly
administrative requirements such as paid time off (PTO) laws, insurance and workers’ compensation, minimum wage increases, and the ACA. Because ShiftPixy serves as the
employer – providing the relevant benefits, insurance, and healthcare correlated to the number of hours worked – operators are freed up from navigating compliance
regulations and the associated expenses and able to focus on delivering on quality products and services.

For shift workers (called ShiftPixy Shifters), ShiftPixy expands earning potential enabling them to secure work from multiple operators via a mobile app, in order to supplement part-time hours or reach full time hours to earn eligibility for employment and health benefits. Any Shifter that works more than eight hours per day or 40 hours per week moves to higher, overtime rates. However, job providers may choose not to higher workers in this category if an equally qualified, lower rate Shifter is available instead. Shifters must maintain full time equivalence to secure benefits eligibility. However, if a life change occurs and hours fall short of that requirement, ShiftPixy provides a means for them to keep their benefits in force for a small monthly fee.

The ShiftPixy app syncs available work opportunities posted by ShiftPixy Operators with the real-time availability of geographically relevant ShiftPixy Shifters, offering access to thousands of mobilized, contingent shift-workers in their local market. Shift workers (called ShiftPixy Shifters) use the app to enroll, build a profile and prequalify for certain jobs based on past work and training experience. As they are hired for shifts through ShiftPixy, Shifters can earn recommendations and skills validation from operators to boost their profile score and gain access to more shift opportunities. ShiftPixy Operators pay a monthly subscription fee to gain access to the full ShiftPixy suite of solutions. There is no cost to ShiftPixy Shifters who join as current workers of ShiftPixy Operators. ShiftPixy Shifters who join independently pay a small monthly user fee to gain access to the shift opportunities.

Profit margins in the restaurant and hospitality industries are slim (averaging less than 3 percent according to National Restaurant Association), requiring these businesses to operate with absolute efficiency. Reducing full-time employees is a means to stay in business; however, few employees are seeking part-time hours, limiting available workforce. Employee turnover in the restaurant industry is disproportionately high – 66 percent according to the National Restaurant Association – driven largely by a need to seek positions that can offer higher hours. ShiftPixy addresses each of these challenges by managing compliance – including ACA, workers’ compensation and insurance filings, thereby alleviating labor costs and providing accesses to capable shift-workers to fill positions, and giving shift workers an opportunity to earn more.

We originally focused on Southern California and San Francisco attracting operators and workers in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Since then we have expanded to other metropolitan markets with high population of shift workers such as New York, Denver, Orlando, Miami, Boston, Chicago and Dallas. in 2020, Covid-19 has enabled ShiftPixy to expand its vertical offerings and bring its leading-edge human resources management ecosystem to the financial, healthcare, landscaping, services, staffing and transportation industries.

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Shiftpixy has a perfect solution for the gig industry and can be indispensable in the age of "Covid-19".