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A Modern Approach to Addressing HR Needs

Human Capital offers a multitude of solutions designed to meet the needs of growing businesses. From a small business owner to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Human Capital connects tailored solutions with organizations of any size.


Human Capital was incorporated in 1997 as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). In addition to offering the PEO services of payroll processing, employee benefits, workers compensation insurance, and human resources, Human Capital has expanded by adding consulting services in regulatory compliance, risk management and healthcare reform, while increasing its outsourcing capabilities with cutting edge technology. Human Capital has a unique customer service approach, providing everyone with a customized program based on their individual needs.


With offices located across the United States, Human Capital’s professional, seasoned representatives have been helping business owners with the HR and back-office needs for the last three decades. Contact Human Capital today to learn more.

Human Capital provides the finest in professional administration services with a focus on regulatory compliance. Each Human Capital client enjoys a customized program in payroll processing, human resources, employee benefits and workers compensation, along with consulting in healthcare strategies and risk management. We relieve the burden of regulatory issues associated with the Affordable Care Act, Department of Labor, IRS, Health & Human Services and Homeland Security.

Human Capital offers all of these services in a flexible, customized bundle designed to be Cost-Effective and help reach the business’s goals. By removing non-revenue generating responsibilities, employers are able to put their time and energy where it is needed most: on growing the business.


We believe that by removing non-revenue generating responsibilities, you are better able to accelerate your company’s growth, ensure stability, and enhance employee value and loyalty. Strategically positioned across the U.S. to accommodate the needs of our clients from coast to coast, we take pride in providing the same level of service and technology to each of our valued clients.

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