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Strong solutions for workers’ compensation, risk management and safety. The program is personalized to meet each client’s specific needs and includes safety manuals, new employee handbooks and resource materials. We are committed to helping each client reduce injuries and the associated costs.
Superior payroll solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of every client.

Flexible benefits program that will help you attract and retain key employees (offered on a voluntary basis so you are not forced into punitive participation requirements that don’t fit your company).

Harbor America offers a wide range of commercial insurance solutions because we know that you want to protect what you’ve worked hard to build. Whether it’s your employees, your business, your vehicles, or your good name, we’ve got you covered. Commercial Insurance Agency that offers performance bonds, property, equipment, commercial auto, and specialty risk programs.

Our Commercial Insurance solutions include:
Workers’ Compensation
General liability
Auto insurance
Contractors equipment
$2m EPLI
Cyber liability

Human resource management is the most time consuming and important part of running a small to mid-sized business. Harbor America provides award-winning HR Solutions by providing a professional team of HR experts at your disposal.

Harbor America HR Solutions include:

Employee Onboarding

New hires require a lot of paperwork and a lot of time. Our electronic onboarding system and your dedicated Harbor America HR expert will help get your new employees onboard and making you money! This includes collecting all the necessary tax documents and employment verification, eVerify (as required).

Rules and regulations regarding wage and hour laws change regularly. Our team of HR experts here at Harbor America stay on top of these ever-changing rules so you stay current and compliant.

Regulatory Compliance

Much like Wage and Hour laws, Regulatory Compliance laws can be complicated, confusing, and constantly changing. We stay current in these changes in industry standards so your business is ahead of the game.

Unemployment Claims

Employees come and go, and sometimes when they go, they still want to be paid. Managing Unemployment Claims requires the knowledge of an HR expert, which is why Harbor America offers consulting for these situations when they arise. 

Employee Handbook Development

Understanding best practices in all areas of your business often requires ongoing employee training. Our experts at Harbor America can help you develop employee handbooks that help you onboard, train, and provide continuing education to all your employees.


Putting effective ways of managing evolving risks and controlling insurance costs at your fingertips.  The solution is Harbor America’s revolutionary, time-saving, online tool that allows you to gather information and solve everyday HR & business related problems in just a few keystrokes.


Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a core service of Harbor America. We know providing superior coverage at an affordable cost is one of the most important aspects of Workers’ Compensation. That’s why Harbor America offers a wide range of options when it comes to giving you the coverage you need and your employees deserve. 

We save you time and money by providing:

Multiple Carriers

At Harbor America, we know that businesses are not one-size-fits all, so we have a variety of workers’ compensation insurance solutions that fit your unique business. Our affordable workers’ compensation solutions allow you to choose from packages typically only available to much larger companies.

Pay as You Go Program

We allow you to spread your payments out over the calendar year, stabilizing your cash flow and allowing you better control over your money each month.

No Down Payments – No Renewals

Harbor America’s affordable program requires no large initial down payment and no annual renewal fees. 

No Audits

You can rest at ease knowing there will be no surprise fees to your bottom line caused by workers’ compensation audits. Our hassle free program gives you peace of mind from worrying about expensive reporting errors. 

Award Winning Claim Management Service

Of course, no one wants to have injuries on the job, but when you do have an accident, our dedicated Harbor America workers’ compensation experts are available when you need them. We provide quick, efficient claim services for you and your employees, assisting them in getting the care and benefits they deserve.


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