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Extensis PEO delivers cost-effective, outsourced services for HR, payroll, benefits, and risk management. Allowing business owners and HR leaders to focus on growing their business. Within our PEO solution, we offer expanded HR services like time and attendance, recruiting, employee training, and performance management. Be a leader, not an admin. Outsource your complex HR administration to our experienced and expert team of HR professionals so you can focus on leading your business.

Our Extensis PEO Solution includes:

  • Extensis’ world-class service model
  • An assigned team of dedicated HR experts
  • Personalized analysis of your current HR practices
  • Regular HR regulatory reporting and guidance
  • Risk management and safety services
  • Benefit compliance and administration
  • Tailored recruiting services & support


Extensis PEO is designed for businesses:

  • White-collar companies with 10 – 150 WSEs
  • Lean executive teams looking to grow their business
  • Capitalized start-ups with a growth mindset
  • Offer Group Benefits and 401(k) with Match
  • Employees with High-Average Wages



Don’t go it alone. Extensis gives you the operational, technical HR, and benefit resources needed to support your business and employees, while using every available option so you can survive and thrive in any business climate. Put your people first. Extensis ensures your employees have fast, easy access to the necessary medical, paid leave and unemployment benefits they need.

The professional employer organization (PEO) industry is growing and small and medium-sized businesses are catching on to the benefits of outsourcing HR. Even so, there are still a lot of misconceptions around PEOs. Working with a PEO, especially one designated a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CEPO) with ESAC accreditation, ensures you remain compliant with all HR and employment related laws and regulations. Instead of having to worry about HR management and compliance, a PEO partnership frees you up to focus all your efforts on high-value activities designed to grow your company.

Put Your Cash To Better Use. Extensis quickly provides you with simpler, cost-effective solutions to reduce operational costs so you can reinvest where you need it most.
Always rest assured. Extensis helps you navigate the ever-changing landscape of risk and compliance.

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