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We give you the freedom to focus on your business

Our Human Resources leadership averages 20 years of experience. We provide world-class service to our clients by assigning an HR manager to you and your employees. Our HR managers become a part of your team, working with your staff on an individual basis. With daily access to direct support and insight, our HR experts help guide you through the any employment-related issues that may arise.

AccessPoint simplifies the complexities of human resources. Our human resources experts contribute to the development and accomplishment of your organization-wide business plan and objectives. We provide your business with customized insights and services for a full suite of human resources services. Let our team handle the complications of employment-related issues so that your team can succeed.

Charter Schools

Our team understands charter schools need to provide flexibility and choice in educational experience for teachers, parents, and students versus public schools. We offer equal standards of quality and adaptability for our charter school communities.

We provide cost-effective internal HR solutions that work with the way charter schools are funded. Our advanced systems will support your school’s mission with a variety of tailored services specific to your management needs. Our hands-on approach follows your chosen direction to ensure your school’s success.

The Best Candidates for the Best Companies

AccessPoint streamlines the recruiting process by finding you exactly who you need the first time. We work hard to recruit, screen, qualify and evaluate all potential employees, carefully pairing the skill sets of the employee to your job requirements. We are not satisfied with ‘a solution’ we look for the best solution for your workplace and culture.

Industry Expertise with Relationships in Mind

At AccessPoint, we’ve seen it all. Every industry requires a unique understanding of  HR and recruiting concerns. AccessPoint is the single source for all of your personnel management concerns. We put people at the forefront of each industry in which we work, touching on every point of the employee lifecycle.

Let us provide powerful solutions for you from a single access point.

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