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United Tech is a Licensed Palm Beach Professional Employer Organization (PEO). This means we are experts in being employers, and we can help you easily manage your business. We can assist you with payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation, outsourcing, unemployment, 401(k), hiring, HR, and government compliance through our PEO Employee Leasing Services in the Palm Beach area.

United Tech’s mission is to be the best local PEO in Palm Beach and across Florida by placing our priority on customer satisfaction and service. United Tech is owned and operated by a family that has lived in South Florida for over 30 years. Together they have decided to focus on this simple solution that just makes sense for business owners looking for help with all their employee administration needs from HR to workers’ comp.

Unlike other PEOs, at United Tech we strive to unite business owners with the talented employees that make their business a success. We give employers the HR options to provide better benefits at less cost and manage their employees effectively in less time which saves money. We know good employees mean everything to owners, so let us help you show your employees how much you care.

Through our Palm Beach Professional Employer Organization employee leasing services, we take pride in providing the highest customer service and offering a team of knowledgeable professionals to handle all of your Employee Administration and HR needs. United Tech can make payroll, workers’ comp, benefits, taxes, and so much more just a worry of the past.

United Tech can take care of all your payroll, human resources, employee leasing, workers’ compensation, benefits, taxes, and more from our offices in Palm Beach. Similar to other PEO companies, United Tech establishes a symbiotic relationship which means you have total access and control over your workforce, but United Tech assumes the administrative responsibility for them. This allows you to focus on your business and your bottom line, while we take care of all your employees’ needs so you can rest easy knowing they are being taken care of.

Essentially you become a business with no employees to the IRS, so your only focus is on the business itself. United Tech becomes the administrator for your employees and provides them with all the benefits, HR support, payroll, and other options that you choose for them in your tailored package. You can decide what services and benefits you want to include and which ones are not right for you. Our goal is to give small to midsize business owners a simple way to manage their business and provide for their employees. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about payroll, employee leasing, and these other services and to decide if this is the right solution for your business.

Traditional payroll companies will help you manage your payroll and remind you to pay your payroll taxes but the responsibility is still yours including any mistakes. With our Palm Beach based employee leasing services, you sign an agreement that for an administration fee you are turning over all your employee related responsibilities to your PEO as an administrator. You send a notice to the IRS that you have turned over your employees to United Tech, and the PEO becomes the employer of record for all your employees. The responsibility becomes ours to take care of and manage your employees’ liabilities. They stay “stationed at your work site” and still answer to you, but they are employed by United Tech for all the administrative reasons. This relationship is a symbiotic agreement between you “the client” and United Tech “your PEO”. In the State of Florida, you must be a Licensed Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to establish this kind of relationship.
Our main priority is to make running your business simple and effective. Stop worrying about the IRS, quarterly reports, audits, tax payments, workers’ compensation premiums, and providing the benefits your employees need. Find out how United Tech can handle everything for you and your employees.

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